What can we do for you



Building boutique rental properties

As a boutique development shop, we understand the need for our projects to be sustainable, adaptable, durable, and flexible. Our developments always have a strong chance for success and our due diligence process provides investors the assurances that make each project work in the face of potential risk. We focus on delivering unique properties that are transformative and inspirational while connecting people with nature and each other.


Finding money sites

Whether planning your first location or executing a multi-unit go to market strategy, Mint Development Co will fuel your site selection process acting as an extension of your internal real estate team. We provide our Clients insight to ensure a high degree of certainty and predictability.


Standing by your side every step of the way

It’s not uncommon for things to go wrong on projects. Clients hire us to anticipate problems and mitigate their risk by leveraging our team of experts to solve them. We have established standard project workflow processes for site investigation; local fee analysis; land acquisition; due diligence; permitting/entitlements; financing; closing; design/engineering; and, construction procedures. We couple these processes with each Client’s prototypical plans & specs (if available) to create a repeatable, predictable project model with accurate schedules and budgets.
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