Our Values

Elevate the guest & resident experience.

We intertwine spaces you never want to leave with a natural landscape that calls your name. We strive to develop the best.

Source local materials & hire local people.

We understand the importance of localized economic development. We hunt for sites in our backyard and seek out experts that we can (safely) connect with face to face.

Repair & improve what already exists.

We acquire unique properties that are difficult to develop. We don’t shy away from land that requires environmental cleanup or buildings that need adaptive reuse.

Build only what is needed.

We believe you can experience more with less. We create functional, minimalistic, boutique properties.

Go beyond the norm.

We will not be bound by conventional building materials and construction methodology. We get outside the box and look at things with a fresh lens.

Use profits to protect nature.

We know that our industry – from climate change and destruction of natural habitats to excessive energy consumption and construction waste – is a big part of the problem.
We invest 10% of profits to acquire and protect land that surrounds existing parks.

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